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Marketing Finance Management

Our goal is to take the stress of these important tasks so you can focus on your REIA.

National REIA has the first association management company specifically for REIAs to continue advanced technology, industry best practices and innovation to give small, mid-sized, and even large associations world-class business operations.

If you need help getting started we have a step-by-step process to help you through it.

Start Today

More Time

Spend 100% of your time doing things that matter most. We support you in doing what you’re passionate about.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out the technical day-to-day items and focus on the big picture. Let us handle the boring stuff!


Need some one-on-one consultation on marketing or just advice on running your REIA? Then let one of our professionals help you out.

Often times we all just need a little push in the right direction. Allow us to objectively evaluate your business and use our suggestions to get to the next level.


We don't want you to feel like you're alone. Sometimes the business process can be scary. We're always here to help.

Contact us with any issue you may have and we will put our people to work straight away. We strive for a hassle-free user experience!

Summer DolanSummer Dolan RICH Club
Oh and people think the email is funny
Mike HurneyMike HurneyMass Real Estate
I've received some great SEO help from Jana at REIA Resources.
Chad TateChad TateMetrolina REIA
This is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen!
Deborah BracknellDeborah Bracknell
Another reason to like #TropicalREIA! They share some great information!
George SkidisGeorge SkidisMissouri REIA
The cover photo and logo for MO REIA on Facebook look great!
Maureen LauppMaureen LauppAZREIA
We will look at some of the other services as well. I think there are some great options there.
Summer DolanSummer DolanRICH Club
I think some people have stopped reading our emails. So mixing it up like yall have, I think will help lol
Trish GarronTrish Garron The Millionaires Group
I looked up all the benefits of your company. Your company is very impressive.I am sure I know others who could benefit as well from your services.
Larry Larry
(Your copywriter) does great work on the E blasts. I've already learned some things (about email marketing) based on what he's sent out.
Kim TuckerKim TuckerMid America REIA
(The article) was great by the way. I would like to put it on the MAREI blog.
Jennifer MattiesJennifer MattiesREIA Las Vegas
I did receive the banner and it looks GREAT!!! Thank you!!
Missouri REIAMissouri REIA
Logo is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
Sharon F.Sharon F.Alamo REIA
Hi Jamie! Thanks for the update. Website is looking great!
You are super-efficient!
You guys do an awesome job on the graphics, they look great.
Elli, Elli, Alamo REIA
Again, thank you for your patience and attention. You all do a great job and we appreciate all you do to help make our (and the many other) REIA(s) shine.

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We have a plan for you!

We have a plan for you!

With the Midyear Conference taking place next week, we know how busy you must be. Finalizing details, arranging meetings and subgroups that may be taking place while you're gone, and tying up any loose ends before heading off to Atlanta. All of that on top of leading your REIA. If all the tasks are [...]