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21 Tasks Removed from your “To Do” List- Permanently

Posted on: October 22nd, 2015 by genny985
If you’re anything like me, the “to-do” list in your planner never seems large enough to accommodate the multitude of things that must be accomplished in order for you to feel that your “little corner of the world”, if you will, is complete.
Worse yet are those days when you start off with X items on the list, and then through emails, phone calls, and the emergencies of business and daily life, your list has the temerity to actually grow rather than shrinks throughout the day!
Imagine starting your day knowing that all or part of the following list of tasks that REIA Resources can competently and professionally take off your hands, for a trifling sum monthly, are already crossed off so that you can focus on what you do best:
  1. Send staff reminders to volunteers and staff for upcoming event responsibilities.
  2. Locate and schedule national and local speakers for upcoming meetings.
  3. Collate and record your financial transactions for pain-free annual tax reporting.
  4. Update membership database and monitor Home Depot program.
  5. Develop and create presentations for Meetings & Workshops.
  6. Bookkeeping & Financial Data entry.
  7. Manage projects, deadlines, & deliverables.
  8. Provide research for numerous topics and tasks.
  9. Set up and manage your mobile marketing platform.
  10. Schedule your Monthly Meetings, Workshops, & other Events.
  11. Collect, Organize, and post event photos.
  12. Social Media likes and promotional campaigns.
  13. Develop & manage your email campaigns.
  14. Proofread and edit content, articles, and business documents.
  15. Post testimonials, articles, content, and event details to your website.
  16. Create document templates to match your REIA logo.
  17. Manage Membership and other Customer Service Inquiries.
  18. Create and mail Member ID Badges.
  19. Send surveys to members to confirm registration and obtain feedback on their experiences.
  20. Create, assemble, and distribute New Member & Visitor Packages.
  21. Maintain Social Media online presence.
REIA Resources offers Virtual Assistant Services, custom tailored to fit your exact needs, and, most importantly, those things which you least like to do.  Contact us to learn how.

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