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How NOT to Anger Your Subscriber List

Posted on: October 29th, 2016 by marija

Your Email List & the “New Rules” of Marketing


I think Perry Marshall sums up the concept best in his book, “Permission Marketing”.  For the last decade or so, ending in the late 1990s, all advertising was what is know as “interruption marketing”.  The concept is self-explanatory.  You’re watching your favorite television program, and BAM- you’re interrupted with a marketing message.  Same thing with magazines.  It worked for a long time.

email marketing

Whey doesn’t it work anymore?  We are bombarded daily with literally thousands of marketing messages, many of which do not even register on our conscious mind.  Psychologists have dubbed this phenomenon a state of “continuously fragmented attention”.

So how does this play into email marketing to your Member and General Marketing lists? In a very key way.

The concept that is replacing “Interruption Marketing” is known as “Permission Marketing”.  In exchange for something of perceived benefit to the consumer, they agree to read and consider your marketing messages, rather than subconsciously put it in their mental “spam” folder unread.

Here’s where it gets tricky- initially given permission is not permanent.  If certain factors cause you to cross an invisible threshold that is different for each consumer, you have just irrevocably jumped from “Permission Marketing” to “Interruption Marketing”.  You have transformed yourself from a “Welcome Guest” to an “Uninvited Pest”.

There are many things that can trigger this transformation.  They can all be summed up in one sentence “if the consumer believes that you have his or her best interest at heart, and are more concerned with delivering value and benefit to than extracting dollars from his or her wallet, you’re ok”.

Here are some concrete examples: Someone signs up for your email newsletter list, giving you permission to market to them in exchange for your promise, expressed or implied, to deliver with it valuable information to them.  Instead, you use their email to bombard them with “buy this, buy that, come to the meeting so you can buy this” emails.  A consumer does not need a degree in Marketing Psychology to recognize that you do not have his or her best interest at heart.  The relationship is lopsided- you benefit, but they do not.

Another example is making the “burden” of receiving your marketing messages too great by emailing them too frequently.  In today’s marketplace, time is currency, no less than dollars.

In both of the aforementioned cases, you will obtain similar result- the person, if proactive, will “unsubscribe” from your list. If more passive, they’ll just start deleting all email from you as soon as they see it, or at very best give it only a cursory glance.

The solution- constantly put yourself in the shoes of your busy, overloaded, target consumer.  Are you making sure to load the “scales of value” heavily in favor of giving rather than taking?  Do they hear from you so much that the only natural psychological reactions is that the value of each such communication must diminish due to sheer frequency, to say nothing of your blatant disregard for overloading their inbox?


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