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Facebook Ads

Posted on: March 8th, 2016 by jana
I’m sure by now you have heard of a popular little social media site known as Facebook. This network came out in 2004 and has grown exponentially since then, and as of December 2015 had over 1.5 Billion active users. This ever-evolving site has managed to keep the interest of Millennials, while drawing in a huge portion of Generation X. Just this week, after much demand and speculating, they have added new “reactions” that you can use to respond to a friend’s status.
So, we all know Facebook has tons of capabilities and is an amazing advertising tool, but have you ever really looked into all its features?
I’m sure you’ve created a Facebook Group or Page for your company, added your events to it, and maybe even offered some promotions. But have you ever tried Facebook Ads?
You can choose the amount you want to spend on your Ad Campaign, and then tell Facebook what demographics you want to target. Now this isn’t just your typical “18-49” target range. Facebook uses its own algorithm combined with the data you provide to really hit your target audience.
Then you get an insane amount of feedback, including page performance metrics, engagement metrics, impressions, reach, audience demographics and so much more. Some of that may sound a bit confusing, but that’s where REIA Resources comes in. We take all the insights and analytics and give you the summary. You don’t have to worry about trying to interpret all the numbers and graphs and data, we compile it all for you. So you can sit back and watch your posts, events and statuses reach an exponential amount of people, who in turn show up to your events.
If you have any questions about Facebook Ads or any marketing in general, you can use the “contact us” tab on our website or call us at 704-644-3616.

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