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Make Sure You Aren’t Using Copyrighted Material

Posted on: October 29th, 2016 by marija

How to make sure you aren’t using copyrighted material? Here are a few ways to make sure you’re not violating any copyright laws:

 #1. Use Google’s Search Tools

First, search for a term using Google Images


Once the images come up, you can click on “search tools”, followed by “usage rights”


From here you can choose an option that will only show you images that have been marked for reuse.


#2.  Find Images from Photo Websites

Some sites charge a fee, but will give you access to tons of relevant photos for whatever you are searching for. When using a free version, your options will be more limited, but you can still find some high quality images. Here are a few websites that offer images for reuse:


#3. Always cite your source

We learned at Tech Conference the best thing to do when you are unsure if content is copyrighted – Cite It!

Take a page from RealEstateInvestingToday.comand check out any of their posts. The original source for an article is always cited multiple times in National REIA’s post:

  • The first line will often read “According to research from ________…”, then go into the results and summary from NREIA. This section is normally hyperlinked to the original website.
  • That source will also be cited again at the bottom of the article with a link to the original content.
  • Additionally, if National REIA creates an image using that data, the source will be mentioned again in the picture.



It may seem like a lot of hassle and digging just to use an image or piece of text. But with possible fines upwards of a thousand of dollars on top of legal fees, citing your sources and ensuring you have permission to use pictures and content is absolutely a worthwhile task.




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