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Take the Load Off and Let Us Submit Your Awards of Excellence!

Posted on: May 3rd, 2016 by jana

Everyone wants to be recognized for their efforts. However, simply working hard is never enough. The deadline of submission for this prestigious award is on May 23rd. You need an organization that knows how to market your success to not just reflect your efforts but to present it in such a way that it shines over your competition’s. REIA Resources is the organization to represent your success and here’s why….


  1. We’re Winners. 6 rings.

We owned 2015 in 6 categories. Last year we helped our client Tropical REIA be the overall winner award for the small groups, Metrolina REIA win the Honor of Merit in 4 different categories, and North Metro REIA win the Honor of Merit for Government Affairs. With this proven track record of WIN, how can you lose? Call us the Jordan of REIA Marketing.


  1. This WON’T Happen.

Believe it or not, some of our competitors just send in a file with some papers and forms and expect to win the award. When we submit your success, we send in a professional magazine or booklet that expertly highlights your work to maximize its effectiveness. The Submission process is very similar to applying for a job, presentation is everything. The judges need to entertain the notion of reviewing your work, and if yours is a loose file or binder, let’s just say it’ll make great recyclable material. When we send in your submission, they want to review it the moment they set eyes on it.


  1. We will best communicate your message.


Some people don’t know this (likely because they didn’t read the submission form), the judges that review your submissions are NOT Real Estate professionals. So when they judge they are completely unbiased. We will present your success to the judges in a way that they will understand.


  1. We’re Experts.


You come to us to handle your marketing needs. This submission process is all about marketing. Let us do what we do best. Our business is to handle things like this, so you can focus on what you do best: having an amazing and successful year with your REIA that we can skillfully document in your submission.


  1. We Have A History


This is the most important reason. Look at all the work we’ve done for you so far. We have handled your marketing and we have represented your organization to your satisfaction so far. We have a good thing going, so it’s only right that we take all that we know about your organization already and apply it to your submission. If we can be this effective with the public, we will be even more effective in persuading a small number of judges that your organization deserves to be the winner.



If you’re ready to hand over the reins to this daunting task, Contact REIA Resources¬†and we will guarantee an amazing submission.



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