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How to Model your Marketing after the Most Successful Video Series of Today?

Posted on: October 29th, 2016 by marija

I’m sure by now you have seen plenty of Tasty videos circulating around Facebook. You know the ones: a quick 1-2 minute video explaining how to make various dishes and desserts. They’ve become super popular among a huge range of social media users, they are great example of video marketing and here are some of the reasons why:

1) They’re short and sweet

Each video is a couple minutes long, max. And many of them include multiple recipes, like 4 ways to make sliders or 3 dishes to make with plantains. Keeping your videos short will ensure the viewer sticks around for the whole thing. Our attention spans aren’t long enough to watch an entire documentary about your company. Leave those to Netflix and focus on short, powerful videos that leave your viewers wanting more.


2) They cater to all knowledge levels

While REIA leaders know real estate terminology and often use this lingo to promote events, many people aren’t familiar with real estate investing and all the different components. This is where you have to appeal to the masses. Don’t assume that people know all the terms you’re using, dumb it down if you have to. Tasty is great at this because even when make complex dishes you would normally see in fancy restaurants, they still give the step-by-step instructions and measurements so even someone who struggles making cereal can follow the directions and create a culinary masterpiece.


3) They partner with other brands

Sometimes for videos, Tasty teams up with a certain food brand to show a way to use that ingredient in a dish. (Ex. Teaming up with Dole Sunshine to make a drink using Dole Products: Pineapple Lime Punch). They tag them, use their logo, the whole nine yards. This cross promotion exposes each of the brands to viewers that may not have heard about the other until this video. Tasty takes it a step further and even has celebrities make the dishes. (Ex. Terry Crews making Mac N’ Cheese: Mack and Jeezy). Now that celebrity is getting publicity from a hugely popular brand, and all their fans are tuning in to watch their favorite celeb make one of their favorite dishes! You can use this idea by partnering with a local vendor, a restaurant where your subgroup meets, or the hotel where you hold you general meetings.


There are some great programs out there to use when making short videos like these. You can even make them into a series to keep people engaged and wanting more. Think Stranger Things from Netflix; no one could stop halfway through the season, viewers want to watch it to the end!

But first, I’ll let you grab a snack because I’m sure this email had your stomach rumbling.



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